Behind The Work with Model Shay + Q&A

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

It’s been almost a year since we first linked up in Downtown SF, shooting brand content In the cold! Now we’re back with more heat! This time I wanted to do it different, so we sat down after the shoot for a quick Q&A.

This concept arose when Shay hit me and said “G , I got a sauna!“ that’s all I needed to read, I knew from that point the shoot was gonna fire.

How Would you like to introduce yourself?

Shalynn Janea, I’m a model and makeup artist from Long Beach, CA.

What influences your style?

My style is influenced by fashion icons such as Naomi Campbell, Teyana Taylor, Rihanna. I also like to piece things together from fashion boutiques to thrift stores like a puzzle.

Can you describe the time when modeling was something you absolutely had to do ? I knew modeling was something I absolutely had to do when I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and could picture myself on the show and winning.

What is the creative process in completing a finished project?

Making sure every detail is in order, from the photoshoot planning to the makeup and styling. Asking yourself or your team, “What could be better?” before delivering the final product.

What has been you greatest creation so far & collaboration ?

My greatest creation was with photographer Derrick Cleveland aka “BritBratproductions” when creating the “Making my Way Downtown” shoot.

Favorite food My favorite food is Mexican food.

What creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't Painting is definitely something I want to pursue again. I love being creative in many forms.

Whats a must have when shooting Music is definitely a must when creating dope content; it’s a tool to express yourself fully.


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