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Blazé | Behind The Work + Interview + Studio Vlog | EP7

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

How Would you like to introduce yourself? : I’m 6lasè (Blasé) I am 21 & I’m from Alexandria, LA. I’m the oldest of 8 kids & my zodiac sign is Aquarius I consider myself a chill-ass person. I be coolin I don’t keep too many people around me, I’m mainly by myself.

What influences your style? : my pops(dad) & my granny. My pops know music & taught me everything I know when it comes to music I listen to everything & everybody. I’m very diverse. My granny has a beautiful voice too so you know how that goes! I grew up listening to her beautiful voice in church & at home as a kid But, I would say K-Camp & Seddy Hendrix influence me when it comes to my sound. I try to always be myself when I’m on a track but I do watch and take notes from other artists like them.

Can you describe the time when making music was something you absolutely had to do? : Shid really when I become self-aware of my surroundings. Watching people come from the same place I come from talk about things they plan on doing or wanna do but never take the steps towards those goals & literally let life pass them by. family or friends, I’ve watched people die who just never lived life

What is the creative process in completing a finished project? : right now I’m in the process of finishing my first full project “MAGNOLIA” EP & it’s fun, it keeps me going but I also hear growth from music already made & the new music I’m making. So with me being almost finished the songs I choose will be songs I truly like and can vibe to.

What has been your greatest creation so far & collaboration? : Honestly I’m not sure yet, I don’t think I’ve released enough music yet to really say what my best creation is so far but my best collaboration is with someone from New Orleans, LA. I can’t say who yet but you’ll see on my project when it’s released, maybe before then.

What's a must when creating? : I always pray and thank my ancestors, without them what are we? And just set the mood for myself mentally by focusing my energy in my happy space. Then I create what I’m feeling I just go with the flow, I try not to force anything. Just smoke & vibe.

What’s a business you’d like to own in the future? : Shid anything & everything I can get my hands on! If it’s legit & if it benefits others and myself, I want a part of it. Scared money don’t make no money.

What’s been your favorite place to travel? & why? : I’m not sure yet, I would say Texas because the drive is peaceful and a lil boring but overall chill. It gives me time to think & just talk to myself . Plus every time I touch down in Texas it’s love, the vibes there every time! But I still have the whole world to touch so!

What creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't? : my own clothing line, I love fashion & art. Growing up not being able to get the new jays every weekend & new clothes on a regular just groomed me to appreciate what I have now on my own & being able to get it on my own makes it 10x better. I had to make the best of what I had & I learned to style myself by recycling my outfits and switching them up.

Words of advice for the people to keep working? : Just do it! Fuck it! You only have 1 life. Once you gone, that’s it. This not GTA or some game. This is real life & when you on yo death bed reflecting you don’t wanna have any what if’s or I could’ve, I should’ve. Take the risk. It’ll pay off, I promise. Just remain true to yourself & do what it takes to always grow & become a better person. My moms & pops always pushed me to be myself. Make to spread love to, what you put out is what u get!

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