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Cletus Strap Releases New Single & Video "BROKE STILL"

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Cletus Strap Releases New Single & Video "BROKE STILL" - A Visual and Sonic Masterpiece

Cletus Strap, the talented and boundary-pushing artist, is back with a bang, releasing his latest single and video, "BROKE STILL." Directed by Shot by Stoopid Cute and featuring additional footage from G93, this visual masterpiece is set to captivate audiences worldwide.

"BROKE STILL" showcases Cletus Strap's artistic vision and unique style. The video is a creative blend of stunning visuals, seamlessly edited by Cletus Strap himself. Shot by Stoopid Cute, the imagery captures the essence of the song, evoking a powerful and introspective atmosphere. Each frame is a work of art, perfectly complementing the mesmerizing soundscapes created by Cletus Strap.

The song itself is a testament to Cletus Strap's talent as both a lyricist and producer. "BROKE STILL" combines infectious beats, haunting melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with listeners on a deep level. It is a sonic journey that explores themes of struggle, perseverance, and the determination to rise above adversity.

In addition to directing and editing the video, Cletus Strap also produced the track, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. The attention to detail and meticulous production quality shine through, making "BROKE STILL" a standout release in Cletus Strap's discography.

Photos by Stoopid Cute further enhance the visual experience, capturing the essence of the music and providing glimpses into the creative process behind the scenes. The collaboration between Cletus Strap, Shot by Stoopid Cute, G93, and the entire team involved has resulted in a truly immersive and captivating piece of art.

This release is brought to you by Chill As Fuck Records, a label known for supporting groundbreaking artists and pushing boundaries in the music industry. "BROKE STILL" is a testament to the label's commitment to artistic expression and innovative music.

Every Nigga Is A Star TM, Cletus Strap's signature phrase, embodies the empowering and inclusive message of his music. It serves as a reminder that we are all capable of shining, regardless of the challenges we face.

In conclusion, Cletus Strap's new single and video "BROKE STILL" is a true masterpiece that combines stunning visuals, powerful lyrics, and exceptional production. It is a testament to his artistry and creativity, leaving listeners and viewers eagerly anticipating what's to come next.

Experience the magic of "BROKE STILL" now and immerse yourself in Cletus Strap's world. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking releases from this extraordinary artist, only on Chill As Fuck Records.

(C) 2023 Chill As Fuck Records. All rights reserved.

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