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Four things you need to think about before starting a brand + tips

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Looking to start your own brand in the near future? ( you should ) This is for you I’ve listed out a few important things to think about before getting started.

  • You need a Business Plan

A solid business plan helps you at every step of beginning and running your company. Your business plan will act as a road map for how to set up, manage, and expand your new company. It's a means to consider and describe all the important aspects of how your brand will function.

  • What is your brand’s message/mission?

The first part and most important is the WHY you want to start a business before any brand talk. Now that you have your why can you clearly explain, your brand’s purpose, objectives & the problem you are solving? Have you written it down?

  • What does your logo look like?

The ideal logo is one that can identify your brand right away without confusion whether that is a text logo or logo mark. The best combo is the Logo its self and a different text variation spelled out

  • You must know the language or the plug will cheat you!

If you have to source any products or materials it's best to start gathering a list of potential Businesses or brands you would like to work with. Once you get a list down you’ll need 3 more to find the average price of that product or service (KNOW YOUR NUMBERS). Don’t forget to compare quality & turn around time. Sometimes you will save money waiting & spend a little more saving time.



Be Passionate about what you are doing as a business owner it's a lot of late nights & early mornings and may still fill like it's enough but stick with it. Over time you will being to understand your process more & more. Oh, don’t forget to fall in love with the prices too.

If passion doesn’t keep you working through every step, the work gets way harder. Always remember why you started and let that be the fuel to the work!


It's okay to start small, with a 9-5, in-school fund it in a way that works for you everyone's story is different but that’s what you have to build. Go get your hands dirty and get to work understanding your process, you might have to take it slow knocking things out one by one but that helps you gain experience & get into the rhythm.

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