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SixSev SEVSHAW Listening Party Recap. Album Now Streaming!

Born to Be a Star S1X•S3V Debut Album "SEVSHAW" Will Bring Down the House

The album pays homage to the late Nipsey Hussle with songs such as “Who Shot Nip?” and references to the counterculture generation.

Sev, entrepreneur, local mentor and artist can not be placed in socialites box of what black men should be.

This project took five years to make the full essence of what artist, SixSev envisioned it to be. This lengthy process was not achieved on his own with production assistants from DJ Smiley and Nathan Austin as well as features from supporting artist from ChillasFuck collective.

Sev is a active member in the Crenshaw district. Being the new aged Nipsey Hussle forming a black enterprise while being an avid activist for his community. Holding events like “Pray For the Hood” which brings the youth together to fight against the gentrification in Los Angeles. SixSev used that five years to compose all the lessons and personal trials and tribulations to pour his everything into this project. He allows his listeners to get a taste into his everyday life and what he goes through as a black man living in an place where people expect you to be nothing. Cut from the same cloth as Late Nip Hussle, SixSev forgo the college experience to show the youth that it’s bigger than that, you can be more than the box “they” put you in.

This is such an impressive album release, his voice and flow on this project is unmatched. You could literally hear the power in his voice, gritty to say. Allowing his listeners the true grit of hardships, vulnerability and pure hussle that through songs such as “God Don’t Like Ugly” can depict for his listeners.

At the album listening party the project was met with such a warm reception. The five years Sev, poured into this project was and still is being received with great enthusiasm. This won’t be the last you hear of Sev, hopefully the next project won’t be such an extended production. Find SixSev the King of Crenshaw being an active mentor in his community to the youth as well as hosting SOLD OUT events with his black artist collective ChillasFuck “Pray for the Hood” which btw is scheduled to have a part 5 soon!

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